Beyoncé And Jay Z Divorce Rumors: Gwyneth Paltrow Reportedly Helping Bey To Cope

Addam Corré

Beyoncé and Jay Z have once again found themselves in the news headlines, but this time it's under a reconciliatory headline as it has now been reported that Gwyneth Paltrow is offering Bey her shoulder to cry on.

It's no secret that the couple is on the rocks, as has been confirmed by numerous media outlets. But no one knows the extent of the problems or if the marriage is even recoverable. Rumors have it that the pair are waiting for their On the Run tour to end in the middle of September so they can cash in on an estimated $100 million in revenue.

Paltrow, who herself is in the midst of a split from her partner Chris Martin, is allegedly lending Beyoncé a helping hand. A source spoke to Hollywood Life about the involvement Paltrow has with Beyoncé at the moment.

The source revealed:

"Beyonce has been leaning on Gwyneth for support and advice on how to best handle her rocky relationship with Jay Z. Gwyneth adores both Beyonce and Jay Z, so it's not like she's taking sides. But her main words of advice have been to take things slowly and to not rush into making any drastic decisions."

The same source also revealed that, during the Southern Californian leg of their tour, Beyoncé even stayed at Paltrow's house, while Jay Z did not.

Another insider also spoke to the same publication, sharing allegations that Beyoncé has a surprise for Jay Z in Paris, which he will receive on stage:

"There have been discussions that during the Paris shows next month Beyoncé may sing an older song to make a point to Jay Z, and that song is Say My Name. It pretty much says it all and is something to make a point so the whole word knows where she's coming from."