‘Big Brother 16’ Spoilers: Veto Ceremony Reveals The House Has A New Target

Big Brother 16 is the season of alliances. Early this summer, Nicole and Christine solidified their bond and expressed trust in each other.

Now, as the Big Brother Network reveals today, that bond appears to be officially broken. After mistrust between the two and the eviction of Nicole’s close ally Hayden last Thursday, Christine has made Nicole her replacement nominee during today’s Power of Veto ceremony.

This is the first time this season that the dual-head of household twist has resulted in one HOH being dethroned and named a replacement nominee in the same week. Christine’s nominees were Zach and Donny; Zach won the power of veto, used it to save himself, and Nicole went up in his place.

According to Buddy TV, Christine pulled no punches in her speech before putting Nicole on the block. Christine accused Nicole of stabbing her in the back, a claim Buddy TV notes is ironic considering the number of alliances Christine had on the side without Nicole’s knowledge.

Big Brother Network says the plan to nominate Nicole was hatched after Frankie told Christine what Nicole had planned for this week: Caleb, paired with Frankie, was to throw the Battle of the Block. As Nicole’s nominees, they would remain up for eviction while Christine would be dethroned as HOH and her two nominees, Donny and Zach, would be safe. The plan was to evict Frankie, however, if he were to save himself by winning the veto, Nicole had planned to put up Christine in his place.

Of course, Nicole’s plan fell apart. Caleb indeed threw the competition, but as previously reported by The Inquisitr and revealed on Sunday night’s episode, Frankie won the competition all on his own. He later revealed to the house guests that his sister is singer Ariana Grande and he is playing the game for charity.

Documenting the live feeds, Big Brother Network recounted that Nicole and Zach thought it was suspicious that that Battle of the Block was a one-person competition, musing it might have been staged by production since they knew Caleb was going to throw it. Indeed, this season’s past competitions required the nominee pairs to work together, or face a significant disadvantage. Judging by the broadcast Sunday, it seemed winning might have been equally possible with Frankie competing on his own.

Christine apparently felt it justified to put up Nicole upon learning of her once-close friend’s plans to get her out of the house.

Who ultimately becomes the next member of the Big Brother jury will be decided on Thursday’s live episode. If the vote were to happen now, according to Big Brother Network, it would be Nicole Franzel who would get the boot.

[Images: Big Brother/CBS/Google]