Woman Tries To Stop Plane At Halifax Airport, Thought Her Partner Was Cheating

It’s probably not a good idea to scale an airport fence to try to stop a plane, even if you believe your cheating partner is on the plane and heading for a secret rendezvous. A Canadian woman found this out the hard way.

According to News Max, the 37-year-old woman, whose name has not been released as of this post, scaled a 20-foot-high barbed-wire fence at Halifax Stanfield International Airport and was apprehended soon afterwards.

Peter Spurway, a spokesperson for the airport, says that she was never any threat to the aircraft in the air or on the ground.

“She was immediately spotted by the aircraft control tower. One of our folks was on the area and apprehended her. She was in the airfield for 10 minutes. We had a small aircraft in the area and the traffic control tower rerouted the aircraft.”

A different Halifax Airport employee said that the woman first took a more traditional approach, saying the woman came to the counter, asking that the plane be stopped, and saying that her partner was on the plane and he was going to see another woman.

“She ended up going onto the bigger runway and she was essentially wandering around there. She was literally going to try to stop the plane.”

As for the ostensibly cheating partner: he wasn’t even on the plane. Al LeBlanc, a spokesperson for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, told Q13Fox:

“We contacted her partner who indicated that he was not on the aircraft.”

The woman sustained minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation, according to UPI. A full review of the safety procedures at Halifax Airport will be conducted soon.

Several incidents involving shortcomings in airport security have come to light in recent months, in spite of post-9/11 security measures. Last week, a woman snuck past security and onto a Southwest Airlines flight two times in one week, according to Mercury News. Earlier this year, a teenager somehow made his way into the wheel well of a Hawaii-bound flight and miraculously survived the journey (see this Inquisitr article). And last summer, a stranded jet-skier got lost and wound up in an off-limits area of New York’s Kennedy Airport (see this Inquisitr article), despite its $100 million security system.

Breaching airport security is a serious offense in the U.S. According to Security Magazine, even so much as slipping under a security ribbon can bring about an 18-month prison sentence and a $10,000 fine. As for the woman who tried to stop a plane at Halifax Airport, she’s likely to get off light; she is not likely to face charges, according to the RCMP.

[Image courtesy of: Global News]