Hayley Turner Was Not Abducted, Monroe County Sheriff Suggests

The Detroit Free Press has posted an update from the Monroe County Sheriff in the case of missing Michigan teen, Hayley Turner.

Turner vanished on Thursday night after telling a friend with whom she was speaking on the phone that she had encountered a man with a gun. That man, Turner said, had been laying along side of the street that she was traveling, so she stopped to investigate.

Turner, 18, was located the following afternoon about an hour from her home.

The Detroit Free Press headline reads “Abduction of Monroe County Teen didn’t happen,” based on a Facebook post by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department on Sunday evening. While the post doesn’t explicitly say that Turner wasn’t abducted, it does suggest as much.

This afternoon, Sunday August 10th, 2014 at approximately 3:15PM, Detective Sergeant Jeff Pauli, along with a Special Agent from the FBI, conducted a follow-up interview with the alleged victim.

As a result of that interview, it was determined that the incident did not take place, as originally reported. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office will be closing out the investigation and forwarding the complaint to the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office, for review.

In a previous Inquisitr article on Hayley Turner, it was noted that the number of missing persons increased by six times between 1980 and 2005, from around 150,000 to around 900,000. At that time, David Krajicek, writing for Crime Library, indicated that 2,300 adults and children each day were being reported missing, but only a small fraction of those are abductions committed by a stranger.

In 2000, Kym Pasqualina founded The National Center for Missing Adults. During her ten years as CEO of the organization, she said the agency consistently tracked nearly 50,000 “active cases.”

She told Krajicek in a phone interview that just over half were men. Four out of 10 were white adults, three of 10 were black, and two of 10 were Latino.

Pasqualina said that about one-sixth of the missing adults had psychiatric problems.

WDIV-TV says Turner’s parents noted that Hayley had been suffering some emotional issues this year, but when she was found she was in good shape.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post also reads “The family requests that everyone respect their privacy during this most difficult time.”

Read the entire post here.

The public is in a fury now, speculating that the entire story was fabricated by the teen, possibly for attention. If that turns out to be the case, how do you think the situation should be handled?

[Image: Monroe County Sheriff’s Department]