48 Snakes Invade Home: Tenants Told To Wait Them Out, They’re Just Passing Through

At least 48 snakes have invaded a couple’s home in Punta Gorda, Florida. The residents, Alissa Scott and her fiance, Raymond Hisler, have dealt with some slithering visitors the past three months, and despite efforts to trap and remove the serpents, nothing is working.

According to a WTOC report, the landlord has trapped 48 snakes but still more are infesting the house. Scott and Hisler are being extremely inconvenienced, as well as plain scared and going crazy. Their big fear is that the snakes could harm their infant. Their 2-year-old son, Bentley, isn’t too thrilled about the snakes, either.

“Our two-year-old is terrified of them, and we’ve only found one or two in his bedroom, so far. Thank god,” Hisler said.

These snakes invading the home are reportedly small, but aggressive. Barnes and Phillips Real Estate, the landlord management for the couple’s home, has hired pest control to get rid of the serpents. The service has visited the home three times to fix the problem, but the first time they didn’t check the inside of the house; only the outside.

Scott says:

“They’re not outside. They’re inside. They told us that there was no way they could get in and the pest control guy left. He literally didn’t look around inside.”

By the third time, the exterminators put out traps. There’s still a lot of snakes infesting the home, however.

“We’re still finding snakes,” Scott says.

At this point, the realtors are telling Hisler and Scott to wait out the snakes by letting them “run their course.”

Scott shares:

“They’re telling us that we just need to let the snakes run their course. It’s just not acceptable. We can’t do that. We can’t live like that.”

Barnes and Phillips Real Estate are refusing interviews but released a statement saying they are doing everything they can about the snake problem. The tenants are unhappy about the situation and are tired of living this way.

“It’s devastating because we come home and the first thing we do is check [for] snakes,” Scott said. “We can’t do it anymore.”

As NBC 2 News reports, Scott will continue doing her daily “snake checks” until this whole thing ends.

She says:

“You’re supposed to be able to come home, unwind [and] feel safe in your house. You can’t do that here. You’re looking for snakes.”

It’s not known how long it’ll take the snakes to “run their course.”

[Images via wtoc.com]