Austin Mahone Wants The World To Drive Responsibly

Austin Mahone is now a licensed driver. To ensure that nobody destroys his expensive ride or puts his life in danger when they slip behind the wheel, the singer is telling everyone to put down their smartphones.

Like it or not, the “Mmm Yeah” singer can now legally operate a motor vehicle. Although the world collectively shudders whenever a teenager pilots an automobile without parental guidance, it appears that Mahone is a bit more responsible than most guys his age.

According to Contactmusic, Austin Mahone recently joined forces with the Allstate Foundation for the social media campaign #GetThereSafe. To encourage kids to put down the phones when they’re behind the wheel, Mahone wants them to take a selfie whenever they arrive at their intended destination.

Austin told Billboard:

“I’m fairly new on the road and I wanted to tell teens that it’s cool to not be on your phone when you’re driving because it is very dangerous. I know how it is, always wanting to be on Instagram and Twitter, and the car is just not the place for it, because it’s the number one killer of teens in America. I just wanted to send that message to all the teens out there, to let them know that it’s cool to wait until you get where you’re going.”

According to Us Weekly, campaign organizers will select one of the tagged selfies at random for a pretty nifty prize. The extremely lucky — and safety-oriented — individual will enjoy a meet and greet session at his or her school later this year. Unfortunately for those who’ve yet to snap a selfie, the contest wrapped up on August 8. That’s what people of a certain age would refer to as a “bummer.”

Austin Mahone handed Us Weekly a soundbite that sounded eerily similar to the one he coughed up during his chat with Billboard:

“”I’m a new driver, so I know how important it is to be safe. So I teamed up with the AllState Foundation for the #teensgettheresafe campaign to really help spread the word of safe driving to teens. Car accidents are the #1 killer in teens, that’s crazy. Buckle up, drive slow and pay attention! If you drive, you need to be safe.”

Although the contest is over, this doesn’t mean Austin Mahone’s advice is nil and void. If you’re a fan of the singer — or, you know, just enjoy being alive — then put down the phone, buckle up, and pay attention to the road. In other words, don’t become Kendall Jenner. That’s the last thing the world needs these days.

[Lead image via John Phillips / UK Press / Getty Images]