Juan Pablo Galavis And Nikki Ferrell: No Wedding Yet For ‘The Bachelor’ Couple

Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell of ABC’s The Bachelor 2014 just spent some quality time together in Miami, and it looks like things went well. While Nikki was in Florida, where Juan Pablo lives, her beau celebrated his birthday. It looks like they definitely made the most of the opportunity to celebrate. While the two do share some updates with fans via social media, they were interviewed during the event and fans will enjoy seeing the two together again via video.

Primer Impacto interviewed Juan Pablo and Nikki during Galavis’ big birthday party. Most of the interview is in Spanish, but even fans who can’t follow along with the dialogue will get a kick out of seeing Galavis and Ferrell together again. They are very affectionate with one another, and it seems pretty clear that Nikki really adores Juan Pablo. Many fans say they see little signs that Galavis adores his lady quite a bit as well.

Of course many The Bachelor fans are wondering just where things stand with Juan Pablo and Nikki. They do still live in different cities, as Ferrell is in Kansas City while Galavis is in Miami. However, Nikki says that they see one another every couple of weeks or so. They don’t mention anything about either one having plans to move in the near future.

As The Bachelor fans know, the two did not get engaged in their finale, and they are not engaged at this point. They are, of course, asked if they are making any wedding plans. Unlike Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, who indicate they are considering a January wedding date, and Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray, who are talking about a spring wedding, Nikki and Juan Pablo are not at that point yet.

Juan Pablo and Nikki indicate that they are in no rush to get married, but it seems they are in love. Galavis was teased that perhaps next year it’ll be a double celebration with a wedding and a birthday, and Juan Pablo seems willing to go along with the joke on that one. Considering it has been a while since Nikki and Juan Pablo were seen together in anything other than still photos, the video interview was a great treat for dedicated The Bachelor fans.

Though the couple had a lot of quality time together, and it would seem that the big birthday celebration came toward the tail end of Nikki’s trip, Ferrell is back home now. She shared a picture on Instagram and wrote, “Home sweet home. I missed you KC!” Prior to this trip it had seemed it had been a while since Juan Pablo and Nikki had been together, at least in terms of what they posted on social media, and fans will be curious to see when they get together for more quality time again.

Are Juan Pablo and Nikki the real deal? They definitely made an impression during The Bachelor, and the “After the Final Rose” special was pretty awkward. However, they do have a lot of fans who are rooting for them. Could Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell prove the doubters wrong and outlast many of the other couples from the franchise?

[Image via Juan Pablo Galavis’ Instagram]