New Drug-Smuggling Barbie! California Authorities Make A Big Discovery

Out of all the toys Mattel has made over the years, their most popular one is of course the Barbie doll. Here on The Inquisitr, Barbie has been met with both criticism and praise. Criticism includes the opinions that a real-life Barbie for a live-action movie would look absurd. This also includes many articles on the internet’s real-life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, especially her views on how the human race is getting “uglier”. Praise includes the Entrepreneur Barbie, which inspires little girls to become entrepreneurs through her LinkedIn page.

Now there is the new drug-smuggling Barbie straight out of cartel country, complete with smuggled drugs hidden behind her!

In all seriousness, in accordance to a report by NBC Southern California, a tractor trailer was discovered on Thursday evening which contained an estimated 10,000 pounds of marijuana hidden behind what appeared to be boxes of Barbie toys. The packaged weed was seized from a truck depot in San Bernardino around 7 pm, police said.

Specifically, the marijuana was packed in unmarked cardboard boxes and hidden behind decoy boxes appearing to contain “Barbie Sisters Camper” toys. The discovery is the result of an investigation the police have been working on for some time. The investigation eventually brought them to the truck depot where the suspicious-looking truck was discovered. Lt. Travis Walker stated the truck was likely dropped in the undisclosed location and they are unaware whether that was its final destination before distribution. No arrests have been made, but they do say they have a lead on suspects.

In another article by The Blaze, it reports that the estimated value of the 10,000 pounds of marijuana is about a rough $5 million.

Over the past few years, drug smugglers have become more innovative in smuggling drugs across the border. Hiding marijuana behind a stack of toys is a prime example of how they are doing their best to get as much product into the United States before it becomes legal. It is predicted that the the underground cartel movement, as well as sales of marijuana, will take a drastic dip if marijuana is legalized in the United States. Before that happens, cartels will do what they can to get as much of the product to people who want it in states that still consider it illegal. Once such method involving hiding multiple stashes in compartments of a vehicle disguised as a U.S. service vehicle.

What do you think about the situation being the war of drugs? Do you think cartels and drug smugglers are being sneaky in trafficking their product into the United States? Better yet, do you think the cartels will suffer if marijuana were to be legal across all fifty states? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Shutterstock]