Walt Disney World Opens A Luxury Hotel Like You Won’t Believe

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida recently added a massive new property to their parks – and no, it’s not a thrill ride. It’s a world-class luxury hotel. Earlier this month, The Four Seasons opened its latest 5-star resort and it just so happens to be at the happiest place on Earth.

Many may have thought Disney would have already had a luxury resort on their property, and while their Grand Floridian hotel is impressive with 867 rooms, it doesn’t even come close to The Four Seasons, a luxurious chain that has more 5-star ratings than any other hotel in America. Fitting for a park that brings in 18 million visitors a year and spans a total of 43-square miles – a tourist destination twice the size of Manhattan.

“Walt Disney World is an iconic global attraction that defies class or demographic – for the most part, kids are kids, and families want to come here period, whether rich or not,” Forbes says about Disney’s important move towards luxury.


Here’s a few things you can expect to find at Disney’s Four Seasons if you can afford the pricey $600 per night bill:

– Complimentary coach transport around the Disney complex, including free delivery of souvenirs right back to your hotel room. Say goodbye to carrying around those shopping bags all day.
– a 5-acre “Explorer Island:” a private water park that includes a lazy river ride, a “splash zone” marked by several jets and slides, climbing walls, a BBQ restaurant, and of course, a massive 7,000-square foot pool.
– 18 different spa “treatment” rooms, including the new Aroma Design Bar, where guests can create their own fragrance to take home.
– A 9-room Royal Suite on the top floor, the first in all of the Four Seasons hotels, that can be expanded to the entire top level.
– Six brand new, award-winning restaurants and bars, including a Spanish-style rooftop bar with views of Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks.

Sounds impressive, huh? That’s not all. As we’ve previously reported, the glamorous experience is topped off with world-class customer service, as valets are quick to take your car, lobby greeters know you by first name, and all doors are opened for you.

“They’re the gold standard,” hospitality consultant Scott Smith tells Orlando Sentinel. “Their training is the best in the world, but you pay for that. You’re paying a premium, but you’re getting premium service.”

[Image via Orlando Sentinel]