Walt Disney World Employee Kidnapped And Raped At Epcot : Not Quite The Happiest Place On Earth [Video]

Thursday evening around 6:30 pm, Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park became the “Scariest Place on Earth” for one of its female employees. Gideon Hunte, a 49-year-old custodian at Disney World, forced a female co-worker into a secluded custodial closet where he sexually assaulted her, as reported by WFTV.

The victim spent a horrifying three to five minutes struggling to push Hunte off of her while Hunte tried to keep her trapped inside the closet, according to NY Daily News. After what must have seemed like forever, the victim was able to escape her worst nightmare.

The victim ran as fast as she could to her supervisor, and with tears flowing, she revealed what Hunte had done to her. My News 13 reports the victim told her supervisor her attacker only let her go because “she refused to stop fighting to get away and ignored his demands to lower her voice.”

Immediately after hearing the victim’s story, her supervisor called law enforcement. Gideon Hunte was questioned by Orange County investigators and ultimately arrested, per NY Daily news, on “two counts of kidnapping and sexual battery, not likely to cause injury.” Hunte is sitting in the Orange County jail without bond.

A journalist for WFTV looked into the background of Gideon Hunte and found him to be a family man with a wife and no prior history of assault. But what WFTV did find while doing a background search was an arrest record for Hunte back in 2006 on drug charges. Hunte was arrested for possession of marijuana, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia.

Walt Disney World was asked about their employee’s past charges, but their staff refused to talk about Hunte’s prior arrest. However, Disney World stated that they do, in fact, conduct background checks on all their employees. No one is sure how Disney World missed this biggie before hiring Hunte.

Investigators say that the victim only knew Hunte from walking past him down the hallway at Walt Disney World. The two did not know one another otherwise, and had no prior relationship, per My News 13.

A spokeswoman for Walt Disney World released a statement, as reported by WFTV:

“This is a law enforcement matter. He has been placed on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the charges. We have zero tolerance for this type of alleged behavior.”

Gideon Hunte reportedly stood before the judge shaking his head as he heard his charges announced before the courtroom. With his past record, it is possible that Hunte could spend the rest of his life behind bars. Not the typical Walt Disney World happy ever after ending.

[Photo Credit: WFVT.com]