Liam Payne Crushes Fat Shamers With Shirtless Basketball Pics

Do you still think Liam Payne is fat? If so, then it’s obvious you haven’t spent a lot of time gawking at pics of the One Direction singer playing basketball in New Jersey.

The singer and his pals are making their way across North America, dazzling audiences with their hit songs and, occasionally, blowing their minds with pants-free performances. When the guys aren’t doing their respective things onstage, they’re finding ways to unwind. For Liam Payne, this means shooting hoops… without a shirt.

According to the Mirror, lots of so-called One Direction fans decided to do a little fat shaming after photos of Liam Payne without his shirt surfaced earlier this year. Although Payne probably looked pretty good to a lot of people, some felt the need to brutally critique his physique. If Liam is fat, then the rest of us are gargantuan. No doubt.

If you need some photographic proof that Liam Payne is looking pretty fit these days, then feast your tender eyes on the images below. Once you realize that there’s nothing wrong with the singer’s body, maybe it’s time to issue a 140-character apology.

The Daily Mail reports that Liam Payne is aware of the nasty things folks say about him on social media. While it’s probably a little depressing to read some of the comments posted on Twitter, apparently Payne has a sense of humor about the situation.

Well what more proof do you want?! Leave @Real_Liam_Payne alone, anyone who thinks he's fat needs their eyes tested!

— Lydia Jenkins (@lyddiejenkins) August 4, 2014

Of course, people still feel the need to spread some hate around social media. Fortunately for Liam, his legion of loyal fans have his back on Twitter.

Do you think Liam Payne is fat? If so, let us know in the comments.

[Lead image via Reuters / Neil Hall]