Niall Horan Loses His Pants During One Direction Concert [Photo]

What’s up with Niall Horan and his pants these days?

Shortly after a pic of the One Direction singer sporting a pair of Miley Cyrus’ leggings made the rounds on social media, a fuzzy photo of Horan without bottoms popped up on Twitter. Apparently the guy was blowing everyone’s collective mind at Gillette Stadium in Boston when, quite unexpectedly, Niall’s pants took a tumble.

According to Cambio, this left Horan to belt out a tune in his underwear. While it’s likely that several fans melted from the shock of seeing Niall without his trousers, chances are this won’t happen when 1D plays your neck of the woods. Unless, of course, this is a new gimmick the guys are working into their shows. Whatever keeps the ladies happy, right?

Check out the pants-free photo below.

Unfortunately for those who weren’t in Boston to witness Niall Horan’s pants fiasco firsthand, there aren’t any high-definition photos floating around the internet as of this writing. What’s more, no one managed to capture the incident on video. For the moment, you’ll just have to use your imagination if you want to flesh out the pic, so to speak.

Not surprisingly, lots of people are bummed about the lack of high-grade photographic evidence. If you caught 1D in Boston and happened to snap some photos, flip through your photos and see if you have anything worthwhile to share with your fellow fans.

Niall Horan even mentioned the pants situation on Twitter.

Of course, fans responded.

Perhaps Horan should wear Cyrus’ leggings under his pants, you know, in case something like this happens again during One Direction’s North American tour.

Are you disappointed that you didn’t get to see Niall Horan without pants in Boston? Please, share your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

[Lead image via Bing]