Dad Is Baffled When School Informs His Son Brought A Weapon, Wait Until You See What It Is

Ever since the tragedy at Columbine, the school system has taken strides to make sure that such an event doesn’t happen again. They’ve done a great job on some accounts, but they aren’t perfect which lead to the unfortunate situations at Sandy Hook and Atlanta. However, it is because of the recent back-to-back shootings that schools are a lot more stricter, maybe a little too strict.

Reports are now coming in of a boy who brought a weapon to school. The father was told about the situation but it is unbelievable what the weapon is: a toy.

According to WMAZ and The Blaze, Ramsey McDonald of Warner Robins was given a fun assignment which is to bring int some of their favorite toys to talk about. Unfortunately, the toy Ramsey brought it was a Nerf gun. For those who don’t know, Nerf is well known for making children’s sports toys but also toy guns, which shoot foam balls or darts, which are clearly made not to not intentionally hurt anyone. Nevertheless, the toy was still considered a “weapon.”

Ramsey’s father, Scott McDonald, explained he wouldn’t have let his son take the Nerf gun to school. Unfortunately, when Ramsey asked about bringing the toys to school, he told his dad he wanted to bring an iPad and a couple of other toys. It must have been an innocent enough request in which Scott agreed with a simple “OK.” Therefore, he didn’t know one of the toys so happened to be a Nerf gun.

Scott learned the hard way it wasn’t “OK” as he received a call on Tuesday about his son having a “weapon,” as explained in the following statement:

“They [Warner Robins] told me my son brought a weapon to school and they asked me if I was aware. I asked them what it was and they said it was a plastic Nerf gun.”

Ramsey was initially given a three-day suspension. Instead, it was reduced to a three-day in-school suspension. Also, it should be reported that Ramsey wasn’t trying to cause any trouble. All he wanted to do was show off his new toys to his new classmates as explained by Scott when he said:

“He [Ramsey] told me he didn’t know they would think it was a weapon or he wouldn’t have brought it to school.”

What do you think about the situation at Warner Robins? Is the punishment Ramsey got for bringing a toy, that looks like a gun, to school fair, or is the school system being too extreme in this “accident”? Let us know in the comments below.