Hayley Turner Missing: Michigan Teen Disappears After Telling Friend She Saw A Man With A Gun

Michigan teen Hayley Turner is missing, and authorities are scrambling to determine exactly what happened to her. The 18-year-old Bedford Township woman went missing Thursday night as she was returning home from a video rental store.

According to CBS News, Hayley Turner went missing, it seems, as she approached a man lying in the road. Reports indicate that she was talking to a friend on her cellphone as she headed home from the store, and she mentioned that she saw a man in the road or the ditch. She said that she was stopping to check on him, and then she told her friend that he had a gun. After that, the line went dead.

Hayley's friend immediately called the teen's father, who quickly found her car. Turner's car was still running, but Hayley was nowhere to be found. Authorities arrived quickly and connected with people in the area. Witnesses indicate that they had seen a car parked near the area about 10 minutes before Hayley Turner went missing.

The FBI is now involved in the search, and there are both ground and air searches taking place. Police did receive one potential lead Friday morning. Someone called and indicated that they saw a male and a female walking in the area around 4 am Friday morning. The female is said to fit the description of Turner, and the woman was said to be with a white male who was 18 to 24 years old. Hayley is said to be 5-feet tall and she weighs 130 pounds. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Turner was wearing black yoga pants along with an orange shirt when she disappeared.

The Bedford Township teen's mom spoke at a press conference, pleading with her daughter to come home. She begged, "Please call us. Please call anybody. We just want you safely home. No questions asked." According to WXYZ, those who know Hayley say that it would not be like her to make something up or disappear like this. The Family Video store where Hayley had gone has shared with investigators that she did rent a video at 10:06 pm, which would seemingly indicate that she did not have any plans to suddenly disappear.

Friends reportedly say that it would be quite unlike Turner to stage anything like this. The recent story about Abigail Hernandez returning home shows that there is reason to maintain hope, and it is clear that investigators are throwing everything they have into finding the missing teen. Anybody who has any information on the missing Hayley Turner situation is encouraged to call the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Detective Bureau at 734-243-7070.

[Image via CBS News]