Conspiracy Theories: News Crew Almost Arrested For Filming Prison, Could Be A FEMA Camp [VIDEO]

When it comes to conspiracies for the upcoming New World Order, the theories pertaining to the United States of America seem to get the biggest pings. Here on The Inquisitr, we reported numerous times of certain events and conspiracies that may be contributing to this New World Order. This includes how the removal of militias which may lead to marshal law and that the U.S. dollar is being destroyed to being in a new “paperless” currency, one that can easily be monitored.

On the subject of the upcoming New World Order, another conspiracy that has been reported is the utilization of FEMA camps. These camps have been conspired to be the equivalent to concentration camps in which it will remove anyone who goes against the upcoming One World Government, especially Christians. Nevertheless, it is still reported to be a conspiracy — which makes the upcoming report kind of disturbing.

Reports have come in that an Albany television news crew was threatened with arrest. Why? Because they were filming right outside an abandoned prison. The question that comes up is why would a news crew be threatened for filming a prison that is supposedly abandoned?

According to The Record, Mark Mulholland, a reporter for Albany’s NewsChannel 13, was working on a news story Thursday about Grant’s Cottage, the site in the Saratoga County town of Wilton where President Ulysses S. Grant died. Suddenly, a lieutenant from Mount McGregor Correctional Facility appeared and ordered them off the property while demanding the footage.

DC Clothesline also wrote an article on the story in which they report details of the altercation between the Mulholland and the lieutenant. From what is written, Lieutenant Dorne sped over to them in his vehicle and proceeded to intimidate the unshaken reporter. The cameraman and reporter made their way back to Grant’s cottage but were blocked off by another lieutenant. They then tried to leave the premises but were pulled over by state police. They stated they could not leave the premises unless they took the footage of the prison. Their report also provided a video which can be watched below.

MrConservative reports that the news crew unintentionally discovered a FEMA camp. The article enforces this by stating that the prison was abandoned a few years back and has exactly zero inmates. The reason for its closure is because it supposedly had a decent number of breakouts. That is why the prison is given the moniker, “Camp Walkaway.” Still, there are 76 employees on staff at the prison, in which it is asked why an abandoned prison needs so many workers?

Now that you heard the news, we want to know what you think? Do you think the news crew stumbled across one of the conspired FEMA camps (a.k.a. FEMA death camps and FEMA concentration camps) and thus why they were threatened with arrest? Or do you think that the reason for the threat and confiscation of the footage has nothing to do with the conspiracy? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Mark Mulholland]