Texas Wildfire Only 30% Contained, Already Claims 1,386 Homes, 2 More Lives

The wildfire that continues to rage in the Bastrop area of Texas has been called the state’s “worst ever” and now with only 30% of the blaze under control we have learned that 1,386 homes have been destroyed and two people have died, including one city of Austin employee who was later discovered in his own home.

According to state officials the fire has already burned through 38,000 acres of land and has affected an area that’s 25 miles by 20 miles in distance.

Attempting to control the Bastrop wildfire are 366 firefighters with the assistance of Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters.

Adding to the stress of the situation, officials are scrambling to control more of the wildfire because winds are expected to pick up on Friday, a fact that could mean containment is still days away.

Along with the loss of nearly 1,400 homes, more than 5,000 residents have been made to evacuate their houses, while local roads have been closed and area schools have been shut down until containment is reached.

Because of the blaze 4,000 residents are also without power at this time.

News of a second wildfire was also reported, however that fire has been 100% contained but not before destroying 27 homes in the process.

If you happen to be in the Texas wildfire area drop us a line and let us know what officials are doing to contain the fire and keep residents notified about changes in the situation.