The washing machine on Twitter

A dork bright and entrepreneurial young man has hacked a washing machine so that it tweets every time it finishes a load of laundry. Presumably so he can get a direct reminder to hang the load out, or put it on to dry.

They video below shows how they have altered the machine in order for it to update Twitter. They do acknowledge on the video though that they still have to press a button to start the machine. But DUDE, you hacked a washing machine, that is so nerd cool, its almost the opposite of cool.

You can follow Ryan Rose’s washing machine on Twitter if you so desire. Although you should only do this if you are prepared to ask @ryanjrose if he has hung the washing out yet.

This may catch on amongst the geeks Twitterati, who would only do something if @ direct messaged. Now if only we could get the toilet to Tweet if you haven’t put the seat down.