Niall Horan Has A Miley Cyrus Moment On Twitter [Photo]

Niall Horan recently channeled the power of Miley Cyrus after donning a pair of the singer’s discarded leggings.

While The Inquisitr doesn’t condone wearing clothing left behind by the former Hannah Montana star, Horan apparently decided to throw caution into the wind after discovering the aforementioned article of clothing in New Jersey. Here’s hoping Niall sought immediate medical attention after pulling this admittedly dangerous stunt.

All kidding aside, the One Direction singer recently had a bit of fun with his followers on Twitter after putting on the leggings and striking a Cyrus-inspired pose. Note to Niall: Please don’t quit your day job. No offense intended, of course.

Check out Niall and his Miley leggings below.

According to the Irish Independent, Niall Horan’s antics received a suitable response from the alleged owner of the leggings. Although Cyrus didn’t confirm that she left the clothing behind in New Jersey, she did seem amused by Horan’s shenanigans. Aren’t we all?

“F*** yasssss,” the singer replied.

When Niall Horan isn’t wearing leggings encrusted with Cyrus sweat, he’s dodging questions about his rumored relationship with Brooke Vincent. While some people are completely convinced that the One Direction singer and the actress are a happy couple, she recently told The Sun that the pair are just pals. Welcome to the friend zone, Niall. We hope you escape with your heart and health intact.

Vincent explained:

“Niall has been my friend since he started on ‘The X Factor’ but because I’m single and he said he fancies me it’s assumed we’ll get together.”

This particular crush may have led to a dead end, but Latinos Post reports that Horan and model Thalia Heffernan could end up getting romantic at some point in the near future. If these oh-so-trustworthy anonymous sources are telling the truth, then Horan and Heffernan have already locked lips in Ireland earlier this summer.

The insider added:

“Thalia is a really gorgeous girl inside and out. Niall is pretty taken with her. They are still in touch and get on really well. Niall’s never in one place for long and Thalia travels the world modelling so it will be a case of whenever they can manage it.”

Even if Niall Horan doesn’t find the love of his life in the next few months, at least his has a legion of adoring fans to keep him company. However, we’d suggest leaving the Miley Cyrus leggings in New Jersey.

[Lead image via Kevin Mazur / WireImage]