TNA News: Real Reason Why Spike TV Wants To Cancel Impact Wrestling Confirmed

The ongoing drama between TNA Wrestling and Spike TV is full of confusion, frustration and tedious negotiating. Impact Wrestling is in danger of losing their television platform that gives them a shot in competing with the professional wrestling powerhouse, the WWE. Vince McMahon and Triple H have a steady lead in that category, but like WCW did in the 1990’s, anything is possible.

One problem right away is the fact that they don’t have somebody like Ted Turner, who is willing to fork over millions of dollars to make TNA better. That just isn’t realistic at this time.

We have been on top of the potential Impact Wrestling cancellation for the last two weeks now and our latest report came from Joe Burgett, who reported information from an interview with Dixie Carter and Ring Rust Radio. She revealed that TNA and Spike TV are still in negotiations.

Nobody knew the real reason why Spike TV wanted to cancel TNA so abruptly before today. Justin LaBar of Chair Shot Reality and can now confirm the actual justification for Spike TV wanting to cancel Impact Wrestling.

“Spike TV wanted to purchased a percentage of TNA Impact Wrestling and move forward as share owners of the business. Dixie Carter would not agree to this deal and it caused the news of the potential end of their working relationship.”

LaBar revealed in the video what the actual percentage Spike TV wanted and how Vince Russo had affected the decision. Spike TV wanted 10% of shares, but Carter said no. Also, Russo had nothing to do with the decision. There is more information about him below. At the end of the day, Carter and TNA want to be promoted better. If they don’t sell the 10% Spike wants to acquire, that is their loss.

Russo wrote an official statement on his release from TNA that revealed information about his time there and firing. For starters, John Gaburick hired him in October of 2013 as a creative consultant. First and foremost, if anybody outside of Gaburick and Carter heard about their relationship, it would come to and end immediately. Second, Russo never received an answer as to why it was a secret.

Vince Russo

There was a rumor that Spike TV never liked Russo and wouldn’t deal with TNA if he were there, but that was never confirmed. Reason being, Spike knew of his relationship with the company six months prior to his release.

With this new report coming out, it looks like TNA and Carter are in huge trouble. It’s not the fact that Carter said no to Spike’s request, but trying to use Russo as a “scapegoat,” as LaBar called it, it a travesty and unprofessional move. TNA should be ashamed and they may be performing their final shows on Spike TV in the coming months. As always, we’ll have more on this story as it progresses.

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