Pancake The Kitten And This Big Doberman Are Best Buds, We Could Watch Them Pester Each Other All Day

Cats and dogs really can get along. The trick is raising them together from when they’re young. That way, the two don’t know any better than to bond with each other. That’s pretty much what happened with the two unlikely besties in this ridiculously cute video.

This video comes from the Camels And Friends YouTube page, which is connected to a site all about raising unusual animals. There’s nothing unusual about cats and dogs, but this pairing is pretty odd. Pancake the kitten was found abandoned in a hot, Phoenix, Arizona, parking lot when he was just three weeks old.

His new adopter brought Pancake home to meet Sugar Tree, a young — two years old — but nonetheless huge and fierce-looking Doberman. But Sugar Tree is just a pussycat at heart, which made him a perfect pal for Pancake. This video is not to be confused, of course, with the one of a kitten who stole pancakes and fed them to a dog. This is a kitten named Pancake bothering a big, but good-hearted dog.

When you watch this video, it’ll be pretty obvious why the clip has accumulated almost half a million views. But this is actually the second in a series of videos featuring this odd couple. The first one, which you can see at this link, gathered more than 1.1 million views. But there’s something about the playfulness on display in the sequel that made us watch this cats and dogs video, then watch it again.

Pancake is really out to annoy the big guy here, but the incredible patience and affection that the otherwise intimidating Doberman shows the little fellow is not only endearing, but inspiring. We think this one just might make your day.