WWE News: 4 Top NXT Stars Set To Come Up To The Main Roster Very Soon

WWE has always been about creating stars for their brand. If there is nothing the WWE can never be known for doing badly, it is marketing the next generation of Superstars and Divas they have. WWE has made it clear that NXT is the place we can see the next generation of stars and starlets, which makes many flock to the WWE Network to learn more. NXT provides us with some of the best matches we can see in the wrestling industry. For fans, it is potentially showing what WWE could one day become.

Vince McMahon put Triple H in charge of the entire NXT program, meaning everything we see on that show gets cleared through The Game. This could be why NXT is seen as such a good program. It also exposes what Triple H could do on the main roster when he has full control of day-to-day activities.

WWE originally had plans of bringing up three people to the main roster around one month ago. They were even at the RAW taping they were set to appear at, but the WWE creative team decided against the idea. That meant the three people had to wait their turn once again. Now it seems like four people are being called up within the next few months, which is a big deal for WWE due to the four possibly being part of the new WWE 2K15 video game.

Sami Zayn, Charlotte, and The Ascension are all set to come up to the main roster before the end of the year. WWE 2K15 is rumored to have all four as part of their WWE career story mode, which would mean that they’d need to get known by the WWE crowd before the game hits stores in October.

Obviously, all four are excellent performers who are ready to be on the main roster. Sami Zayn is considered the most ready performer currently on the NXT roster, which is possibly true. He has good mic ability and knows multiple languages. On top of this, he is great in the ring. He is well-versed in every major wrestling style in the world and can perform well with anyone. Just about every wrestler on the main roster has stated they want to work with him. That is respect.

Ric Flair’s real life daughter Charlotte is the current NXT Women’s Champion, but WWE feels her NXT days might be behind her. She is one heck of an athlete and her in-ring skill has massively improved in the last year. Her mic ability is better, but could still use work. However, she is more than ready to be on the main roster. She has the perfect WWE Diva look and style. Her family lineage helps her in various ways as well, which I’m sure WWE will exploit in the future for a storyline.

The Ascension

The Ascension might be WWE’s next big tag team. Currently the Usos are dominating on the main roster. While the Wyatt Family has done well against them, the current NXT Tag Team Champions Victor and Konner are more than able to take them down. They are very similar to the Wyatt’s, except both can use power and speed. Along with this, technical skill in the ring is something they also provide.

While neither speak often on the mic, they have a gimmick NXT fans love and most feel that the gimmick could make them either heel or face, though this depends on what WWE wanted. Clearly they will come up as a heel team first if they are to rival the current WWE Tag Team Champions Jimmy and Jay, the Usos.

All four NXT members could come up sparingly throughout the year. Due to the fact WWE needs more tag team material, the Ascension seem to be the most likely to see first. After Paige and AJ Lee end their program, we could potentially see Charlotte pop up. Sami Zayn is the wildcard. WWE could use him in a variety of ways. It really all depends on what they want.

At the end of the day, seeing any NXT Superstar or Diva come up to the main roster is cool. Many WWE fans who know of NXT love most of the people on the roster. WWE has signed even bigger names yet to make their NXT debut, and are only increasing their stacked developmental program the likes they have never had in the history of the company. Who do you want to see on the main roster?

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