Jay Z’s Alleged Mistress Spills Some Potentially Revealing Secrets And Slams Beyonce In Song

Jay Z and Beyonce have been through the rumor mill recently, but a new song has just come to light that may surprisingly tell a story that Jay Z and Beyonce have been trying to hide.

The rapper and model known as Liv has been accused of being Jay Z’s mistress in many tabloids, according to The Wire, and now she has released a song called “Sorry Mrs. Carter.”

The song samples Outkast’s “Sorry Ms. Jackson” and lasts less than four minutes, but it is full of messages that seem to add fuel to the Jay Z and Beyonce saga. It also references several songs that Jay Z and Beyonce are famous for recording, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Jay Z is practically painted as a womanizer and Beyonce is dissed by implications that she is not as naturally beautiful as almost everyone thinks she is, and at the same time Liv claims that she is a “side chick never” in the song.

According to The Wire, Liv believed that she was the cause of the elevator fight between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister, Solange.

“Solange was upset when she saw him talking to me,” Liv said.

While Liv may claim that she never had a physical affair with Jay Z, her song clearly insinuates that they had an emotional connection that cannot be ignored.

Liv raps in the song, “F*ck f*cking to the top, me and Jay never screwed. We connected on some hip-hop sh*t. He could be hisself with me, and he did.”

Jay Z’s alleged emotional affair took a toll on him when it ended, according to Liv when she raps, “When I stepped out his life, I took a piece of his heart. I know he still close his eyes and sees me in the dark.”

Liv seems to go back and forth in her song about whether she was actually Jay Z’s mistress or if they were just really good friends.

Another line states, “Bet he wish I just stayed and played my part. Imagining what could have been with no regard.”

Later Liv claims that she and Jay Z “coulda been close friends, but more than friends,” but admits that “you got 99 problems, I’m not tryin’ to be one.”

Whatever happened between Jay Z and the model rapper, Liv still claims through her lyrics in the song, “I’m sorry, Ms. Carter. I am for real.”

Perhaps Jay Z and Liv felt a connection but did not pursue it because of Jay Z’s marriage, or perhaps Liv just wants to ride this wave of fame as far as she can and cause more speculation.