Sleepy Kitty Struggling To Stay Awake And Play Breaks The Adorableness Meter

Meet Rocky The Kitten. Rocky wants to do nothing other than play. Sadly for little Rocky, he is one sleepy kitty. And in the battle between kitten and sleep, there can be only one winner.

There’s not much more to this video than that — well, that and an adorableness factor that is simply off the charts. The fact is, cats sleep about 16 hours per day — and kittens sleep about 18, Because after all, they’re growing and need extra rest.

We’ve brought you videos of cats and dogs struggling to stay awake before, like the one at this link. There’s just something about these lovable animals doing everything in their power to stay awake and keep the party going that just connects with the cuteness receptors in the human brain. In other words, if you don’t find this video of Rocky the kitten falling asleep unbearably cute, you might want to check your brain. Or your humanity.

Why do cats sleep so much? Are they the laziest pets alive? Not exactly. Animal behavior experts say that even domestic cats are still programmed to be hunters, like their ancestors, or for that matter, like their bigger cousins like lions and tigers and leopards.

Sleeping two-thirds of their lives away is their natural way to conserve energy, so they can get up and hunt — and also to consume less energy, because food in the wild is hard to come by, and the more cats sleep, the less they need to eat.

Little Rocky here is only giving in to those instincts — but this kitten is doing everything he can to fight them.