Florida Woman Catches Giant Lemon Shark Twice Her Size In Fishing Video

A Florida woman named Codi Monroy is making waves for catching a giant lemon shark that is almost twice her size, never mind that the whole incident was caught on video.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Texas fisherman caught a tiger shark in the Gulf of Mexico that was estimated to weigh around 809 pounds. But shark fishing is not always fun and games. A shark attack in California was allegedly related to the fishing of great white sharks in the area. Because of this incident, the fishing from piers in the area was banned for a short time and PETA is currently leading a campaign to have the ban become permanent.

What made the video so amazing is that the woman is only five foot, four inches tall and the lemon shark was over nine feet long and was estimated to be at least 350 pounds. But she dug her feet into the sand like a pro and managed to land the huge beast onto the beach. If you want more photos you should check out Monroy’s Facebook page.

Zach Miller of Team Rebel Fishing told GrindTV Outdoor that the shark fishing video was also a special occasion for Monroy since it was her first time ever catching anything:

“It is a large lemon shark. They don’t get much bigger than that. I know she was really excited. It was the first shark she ever caught. She asked us to go out and go fishing with us. She’s gone out with other people in the past, but they were never able to catch anything. So we got her hooked up on a big fish.”

The battle between shark and fisherwoman lasted about 20 minutes, but Team Rebel Fishing uses heavy fishing gear in order to ensure the lemon shark was not too tired out:

“We’re like a NASCAR pit crew. We’ll have the fish on the beach for 30, 40 seconds maximum before we let them go.”

That way, the huge lemon shark is healthy enough upon release in order to swim back to the deep… but not before leaving us with one awesome shark fishing photo!