Obama Approval Rating In 2014 Drops To New Low, But Not Enough To Impeach President Obama

The Obama approval rating in 2014 continues to drop as Americans become more and more dissatisfied with the direction the United States is heading under the guidance of our current POTUS. Surprisingly enough, despite the discontent most Americans still would not like to see Congress impeach President Obama.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, a Trayvon Martin cartoon depicted a zombie-like George Zimmerman as being like the effort to impeach Obama. As was previously reported:

“Practically everyone knows about how Sarah Palin has been talking about impeaching Obama for weeks now, with the illegal immigrant children crisis being the main thrust behind those efforts lately. But it turns out an amazing 33 percent of the American public may agree with Palin since a CNN/ORC poll claims about a third of all Americans believe Obama should be impeached and removed from office…. [E]ven 13 percent of Democrats believe Congress should impeach President Obama. Earlier in the summer, a Texas Democrat made waves by portraying Obama with a Hitler mustache and part of her platform for running for the U.S. Senate was impeaching Obama.”

Only week later, a poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News concluded that Obama’s approval rating had dropped so low that 79 percent of people were dissatisfied with the President and the American political system. Only 40 percent approved of the job Obama has been doing, although this number seems to decline weekly.

Congress is doing even worse, with a mere 14 percent of the American population approving of their job performance. For example, many people are upset with how both parties managed to push off the 2014 unemployment extension for the jobless while five times the money is being spent on foreign aid each year.

These numbers also mean the 2014 mid-term elections will be a close one and Republicans only need six seats in the Senate in order to take the majority lead in both sides of Congress. Te NBC/WSJ poll finds 44 percent of voters prefer a Republican Congress, while 43 percent prefer a Democratic-controlled one.

Democratic pollster Fred Yang of Hart Research conducted the poll with Republican Bill McInturff, who said,”What we’re seeing is a good Republican cycle, but not yet like the wave elections we saw in 2006 and 2010.”

Do you think the low Obama approval rating means Republicans will retake Congress? Do you think all incumbents should be voted out?