‘Arrested Development’: Season 5 On The Way?!

Arrested Development fans have long been awaiting word from Netflix to find out whether the show would see a fifth season, and they may finally have an answer.

According to Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos, speaking to USA Today this week, that the fifth season of Arrested Development is “just a matter of when.”

While the fourth season of Arrested Development may not have been a fan favorite, it certainly was welcomed. Netflix took up the defunct show and made some slightly unusual changes, but the dysfunctional Bluths essentially remained the same.

Arrested Development
Arrested Development will take some time but is on its way, according to Netflix.

According to Mediaite, more than seven years went by before Netflix got a shot at putting life back into Arrested Development after it met its end after its third season with Fox in 2006. One of the biggest factors in getting season four going was finding time for the actors’ conflicting schedules.

One of the criticisms of season four was that the actors were not onscreen together nearly enough, which was a totally different approach from previous seasons. Netflix’s Sarandos said that it was a “fair criticism.” Creator Mitchell Hurwitz will address the issue when the show presumably returns for its fifth season.

Obviously, the change would mean that the actors would have to find time in their schedules to get the cast back together at the same time to film. It is uncertain at this point how long that may take, as many of the actors have busy schedules these days.

Even though Sarandos is offering extremely vague encouragement about Arrested Development‘s return, Netflix is “positive” that it will return for season five, according to SourceFed.

Until then, Netflix subscribers will have to wait for the story of the show that lost everything and the Internet streaming service that had no choice but to keep it together.

Get ready, Arrested Development fans: season five is on its way…eventually.