Watch MLS All-Stars Vs. Bayern Munich Live Online, Free Streaming Video

Soccer fans can watch the MLS All-Stars take on Bayern Munich live online thanks to streaming video from ESPN.

The match takes place Wednesday at 9:30 pm ET from Portland’s Providence Park.

Though it’s only a friendly match, the game gives the MLS the opportunity to make its mark against one of the sharpest international teams. Bayern Munich won the FIFA Club World Cup in 2013, and this year won their 23rd Bundesliga championship.

Many commentators believe that MLS All-Stars don’t stand much of a chance against Bayern Munich, however.

“Bayern Munich has one of the strongest overall rosters in the world from top to bottom, and as long as they play their game, I can’t see them losing,” wrote Kip Kersgard, blogger. “MLS does have some great players, and I think they will do a good job of keeping things close in score, but I just can’t see Bayern losing this one.

Fans who watch the MLS All-Stars vs. Bayern Munich could see something of a World Cup rematch, as the American players stacked on the MLS team face off against many of the same foes from the German national team.

Geoffrey Arnold of OregonLive predicted the same result as July’s World Cup match.

“With so many players from Bayern on the German national team and nearly all the top MLS All-Stars on the U.S. team, the All-Star Game is almost like a rematch of the U.S. vs. Germany game in the group stage of the World Cup,” Arnold wrote. “Germany won that game, and there will be a repeat in the All-Star game.”

But the match will take place in the bastion of American soccer. The northwest has taken to soccer enthusiastically, matching the level of excitement seen across Europe and South America for the sport, meaning Bayern Munich will face a noisy crowd that could swing the match.

Those who want to watch the MLS All-Stars vs. Bayern Munich live online can click here for a link to streaming video. Live stats can be found here.