Husband Hunting Shoes: Nine West Slammed For New Shoe Campaign

Want a pair of husband hunting shoes? Apparently you can get them at Nine West… next to the walk of shame shoes.

According to The Washington Post, the shoe company has started a new ad campaign that promotes their footwear as “Shoe Occasions.” Apparently there is a different type of shoe that a woman can wear when she’s on the prowl, for instance, or when she’s sending her child on the school bus for the first time.

“‘Starter Husband Hunting’ is one of two ‘Shoe Occasions’ collections Nine West debuted Aug. 1. The other: ‘First Day of Kindergarten.’ The kindergarten collection — purportedly designed to temper the sadness as ‘the waterworks’ hit when the bus drives away — includes strappy sandals, tassel loafers and even ‘lobster smoking slippers.'”

Husband hunting shoes might have grabbed your attention — and maybe you even find the idea amusing — however, Nine West is taking a lot of heat for their new shoe promos. Why? Well, it’s quite simple. Nine West takes the focus off of the woman, and has the shoes working for other people: The man, the children, the workplace, what have you. Shoe shopping is supposed to be fun — and most women love shoes… so what’s the deal? Well apparently Nine West thinks they are going to sell shoes this way.

Senior vice president of marketing for Nine West, Erika Szychowski, said she’s prepared for controversy, but she’s sticking by the ads.

“My gut tells me that it’s not offensive, and it’s not just my gut but the incredibly active, large community of people that we work with both internally and externally — it’s actually resonating for them.”

Husband hunting shoes could be any kind of shoe, really. Perhaps a sneaker would be best (after all, there could be running involved). Nine West’s take on things, however, isn’t being received well because, in many ways, it puts women down. Check out the angry posts on social media.

For a more tasteful campaign, and to let your blood cool down, check out the new ad for NARS. According to The Inquisitr, Charlotte Rampling stuns at age 68 in the new lipstick promo.

[Photo courtesy of Twitter]