This Sculptor/Artist Creates Modern Breathtaking Masterpieces, But You Will Have To Dive To The Ocean Floor To See Them

Stone artists and sculptors often strive to find inspiration in the most mundane of everyday events and people. While few succeed, others create masterpieces that provoke the viewer to think hard. English sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor is one such multi-faceted artist. But admirers of his work have to possess a special skill; scuba-diving.

English sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor’s work can’t be found on the streets. To admire his extraordinary works of art, you will have to dive into some of the most picturesque oceans. You will find his sculptures at some of the only underwater museums around the world.

This 40-year-old artist is truly multi-talented. Taylor is a scuba diving instructor, underwater photographer, and an underwater conservationist. He came up with the idea as a way to nurture all three of his passions and decided to create sculptures that will be lay immersed in sea-water.

Taylor opened his first underwater museum, located in Molinere Bay, Grenada, West Indies, in 2006. But the largest underwater museum, also designed, sculpted and deployed by Taylor is located off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. Called MUSA, the “museum” is surely a sight that will literally take your breath away. It features 500 sculptures and each has been painstakingly created by hand.

His sculptures aren’t just great sights, but they serve a vital purpose in coral conservation. Taylor’s sculptures offer a perfect sanctuary for the coral reef population. The museums offer sheltered coves where these corals can easily thrive. In a way they offer a second home and second chance for the coral reefs.

Taylor has always been fascinated by coral reefs. However, modern day fishing and pollution, along with climatic changes along the ocean-floor has taken its toll on the coral habitat. These corals are sold in the black-market despite being officially protected. Despite covering only 10-15 percent of the ocean floor, coral reefs harbor many underwater animals, including brightly colored fish, sea urchins, sponges, sea turtles, and even sharks.

It is interesting to note that Taylor’s man-made creations have been accepted by the underwater flora and fauna. These artificial coral reefs now act as a protective barrier and help the natural growth of the reefs. With an abundance of new underwater real estate, the natural coral reefs have a chance to restore and repair for the first time in many years.

Taylor’s creations are truly thought provoking and sometimes seem to take a jab at modern day civilization and even gross ignorance and apathy. Hopefully, these creations will spur interest in coral reefs.

[Image Credit |Jason Taylor via UnderwaterSculpture]