Kendall Jenner Dating Ashton Irwin: Is She Just After The Next Big Thing?

Kendall Jenner might be dating Ashton Irwin. This news will surely concern 5 Seconds of Summer fans who don’t trust the reality show star. After all, her mother is Kris Jenner, so it’s hard not to wonder if this too-perfect pairing is just a showmance.

According to the Daily Mail, Kendall Jenner and Ashton Irwin were spotted grabbing a cab together after hanging out with friends in NYC. There’s even an Instagram snap providing evidence of Kendall’s night out with the 5 Seconds of Summer singer. However, it’s not exactly proof that they’re dating — the photo also features Ashton’s 5SOS band mate Calum Hood, Hailey Baldwin, and Nicole and Danielle Kahlani. Nicole and Danielle are friends with Jenner, and they also do makeup for 5 Seconds of Summer. Maybe they hooked Ashton Irwin up with Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner Spends Time With Ashton Irwin
Kendall Jenner and Ashton Irwin hang out in NYC

Someone actually managed to take a photo of Kendall Jenner and Ashton Irwin hopping into a cab together after they left their group of friends, and a Harry Styles fan couldn’t resist poking fun at Hazza’s ex:


— someone (@movewithnarry) August 5, 2014

The tweet is referencing Kendall Jenner’s embarrassing flub at the Billboard Awards. While introducing 5 Seconds of Summer, she almost called the Australian punk rockers One Direction.

If Kendall is dating Ashton, hopefully she doesn’t ever call him Harry by accident. Speaking of Harry Styles, he’s definitely in an awkward situation now that Ashton is dating his ex — One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer have been touring together.

You’d think Kendall Jenner would want to avoid an awkward run-in with Harry Styles, but, as The Inquisitr previously reported, she’s actually purchased backstage passes to a few One Direction concerts. There were rumors that she was attempting to win Harry back, but maybe she was actually attending the concerts to see Ashton Irwin. Or here’s another scenario: Why not both? Maybe Kendall is dating Ashton to make Harry jealous.

Kendall Jenner also might be dating Ashton Irwin simply because she’s a member of a family that thrives off of fame. Kendall can’t claim that she hates the attention because her actions speak differently — she had to know that she was going to cause a media firestorm when she shared this Instagram photo:

If any girl strikes a sexy pose with Justin Bieber and shares a snapshot of the encounter on social media, she knows her face is going to be splashed all over the tabloids.

If Kendall Jenner is simply seeking attention, it’s not hard to see why she went after Ashton Irwin — 5 Seconds of Summer is being touted as the next big thing. According to the Daily Star, Simon Cowell even believes that 5SOS is a threat to One Direction. Here’s what he allegedly said about the Aussie band’s stunning success in the U.S.:

“It does mean 1D have to up their game a bit. We knew a lot of boy bands would follow but the competition is tough at the moment.”

He even criticized One Direction’s decision to tour with 5 Seconds of Summer:

“I think it was a strange decision. A bit like the cuckoo in the nest.”

As Slate points out, 5SOS is really starting to blow up. Their debut album is the No. 1 album in the country; they’re set to perform at the MTV Video Music Awards later this month; they recently appeared on the cover of Billboard magazine; and they scored their first VMA nomination in the Artist to Watch category. Because of all this buzz, Kendall Jenner would ensure that her profile stays high by dating one of the 5SOS guys.

Do you think that Kendall Jenner and Ashton Irwin are really into each other, or is this just a summer showmance?

[Photo credis: John Angelillo/UPI, Ashton Irwin/Instagram]