Noah Ritter: ‘Apparently’ Kid Has A Hilarious Take On His Viral Fame

Noah Ritter: 'Apparently' Kid Has A Hilarious Take On His Viral Fame

Noah Ritter is apparently having second thoughts about his viral television interview.

The five-year-old from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, became a viral sensation when he was handed a television microphone at a county fair and gave a hilarious description that sounded like something a drunk old man would say.

“Apparently I’ve never been on live television before, but apparently sometimes I don’t watch the news because I’m a kid,” Noah rambled, saying apparently about five or six more times throughout the interview before his grandfather finally pulled him away.

The clip of Noah Ritter went viral almost immediately, spreading across the internet and garnering some hilarious responses.

On Reddit, a clip of the video drew thousands of user upvotes and plenty of comparisons for what Noah Ritter apparently sounded like.

“He has been stuck with gramps for so long he is absorbing his personality! From powerball to the description of that dan-fangled spinny contraption you can tell he picked up some mannerisms from his old man,” wrote one user.

Many agreed that the young boy sounded a bit drunk.

“I thought that was so hilarious. It sounds like something you might say the day after accidentally getting ‘sad drunk’ at a party when you’re 25 and in a rough spot,” wrote another Reddit commenter.

The viral fame caught up with Noah Ritter on Tuesday as ABC World News caught up with him at home in his sand box. During the interview, Noah admitted that he was a bit embarrassed.

“Why were you embarrassed?” the interviewer asked.

“Because I said all that stuff about my life,” Noah deadpanned.

Many believe that Noah Ritter has some more room to milk the interview as his new-found reputation as the “Apparently Kid.” Several Reddit users predicted he would be showing up soon on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has a knack for bringing in viral video stars. Only time will tell, apparently.