Border Patrol Agent’s Answer To Simple Question Shocks Trucker [Video]

A Border Patrol agent’s answer to one simple question posed by a truck driver shocked both the man behind the wheel of the big rig and millions of viewers of the secret video as well. The trucker was wearing I-Cam glasses he bought at Cabela’s, during the border checkpoint stop.

The Border Patrol and truck driver encounter occurred on July 29, according to the time stamp on the now viral 57-second video. The friendly and professional agent asked the truck driver how he was doing and how many people he had on board. The driver replied just him. Nothing shocking so far, but the following exchange appears to many to directly address the illegal immigration border security issues the United States now faces.

Agent: Are you a citizen?

Truck Driver: Yeah, but does it really matter?

Agent: Not any more, unfortunately. Thank you. – The agent is shown grimacing/smirking when making the statement and shaking his head, apparently in disgust.

The truck driver, who goes by MrRocksolid1974 on YouTube, wrote in the video description that he was speaking to a Border Patrol agent in Texas. “I asked the question and got the truth,” he added. Some posters stated in the video comments section that the video was not shot at an international border crossing checkpoint but at an “interior checkpoint.”

A woman claiming to be the wife of the Border Patrol agent emailed The Blaze and stated that the exchange between with the truck driver did indeed happened at an internal checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas. She also stated that her husband was filmed without his knowledge.

According to BizPacReview, the truck driver was identified via his Twitter handle @pssedOffTexan, as Travis Pope.

During a telephone interview conducted by The Blaze with Travis Pope, the truck driver had this to say about the Border Patrol video:

“Their response don’t surprise me. They’re frustrate [sic] too. I see it in them. If they asked me for my ID I’d have no problem with it. I’m an American citizen, I have nothing to hide and I’m proud of it. I think that’s what they should be doing, asking for IDs. If you can’t come up with an ID for one of states, you need to be detained.”

Pope referred to the Border Patrol agent in the video as an “American hero” who is frustrated that he “can’t do his job.” According to the trucker, similar responses for agents at other checkpoints in the region is not uncommon. Until two years ago, the agents reportedly asked for ID and even checked inside the cab and sleeper area for illegal immigrants and contraband, according to the truck driver.

When asked how he felt about filming Border Patrol agents without their knowledge, Pope said:

“I really don’t think about that because they got everybody on cameras anyway. They’re government. We have the NSA wiretapping us and watching us … and they’re going to get upset because a citizens do same thing to them? If it’s right for the government, it is right for me to do it, ain’t it?”

What do you think about the truck driver’s Border Patrol video?