Ian Somerhalder And Nikki Reed Get Serious By Adopting While Nina Dobrev Just Wants a Boyfriend

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed aren't making life any easier for poor Nina Dobrev by flaunting their romance. Because Ian has moved on with someone else, Nina's fans expect her to do the same. Unfortunately, Dobrev is still single.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed recently reminded Nina just how single she is by adopting together. However, they aren't the proud parents of a human boy or girl – instead they're practicing being parents to a much bigger baby.

Somerhalder broke the news of the adoption on Instagram. Here's what he wrote:

"Proud new dad… What amazing creatures they are. Wow. His name is Eagle. Thank you @iamnikkireed for snapping this special moment, with our big baby boy."
Here's what their baby looks like:

Notice how Ian Somerhalder made sure to describe the very lucky horse as "our baby boy?" It sounds like he and Nikki Reed are getting really serious really fast. The Vampire Diaries star is 35 years old, so maybe he's just ready to settle down and play house with a like-minded lady.

Ian Somerhalder confirmed that he's the marrying kind during an interview with E! News at Comic-Con. Somerhalder told reporter Kristin Dos Santos that he definitely will get married someday, but he made sure to deny that he's already gotten secretly hitched.

Somerlader wouldn't even confirm that he's off the market. Dos Santos tried to get him to elaborate a little more on the state of his love life by asking, "Can we just check a box: single, taken, or its complicated?" However, Ian basically refused to answer the question. "I'm here, man. I'm here," he responded.

Obviously things have changed between Ian and Nikki since Comic-Con – now Somerhalder is comfortable referencing Reed on Instagram and letting the world know that he's adopted a horse with her.

While Ian Somerhalder is enjoying being a dad, Nina Dobrev is starting to get tired of being single. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ian's ex has been linked to a long list of guys including Orlando Bloom, Ben McKenzie, and Dominic Howard. But if you think that Nina has enjoyed playing the field since her split from Ian, you're wrong.

During an interview with HuffPost Live, Nina talked about the dating rumors:

"I laugh at it at this point. Honestly, I need to get, like, a steady boyfriend so people can stop speculating."
Nina isn't just tired of the tabloids -- she's also tired of her friends asking her about the status of her love life:
"When you start getting text messages from your friend with a link to something and they'll be like, 'Oh my God, are you really dating this person?' And I'll be like, 'Yeah, I talked to them last night for a second,' or 'Yeah, I saw them at this party.' And especially after Comic-Con, apparently I was 'dating' like ten people. So I had a real busy weekend!"
What do you think: Is Nina Dobrev starting to regret letting Ian Somerhalder go?

[Image credit: Getty via Zimbio]