'RHOOC' Star Tamra Barney's Husband Eddie Wants To Hook Up With Lizzie Rovsek

Mary Jane

Tamra Barney has been putting on a brave face on social media platforms, even though there have been rumors that her marriage is falling apart. When Eddie Judge decided that he didn't want to film the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion with Barney, rumors ran wild. This couple seemed doomed for a second.

On yesterday's episode, Tamra Barney revealed that she was upset with her husband because of some answers he gave while playing a game at Heather Dubrow's party. Dubrow had asked her friends to play a game, where they had to say who they would marry and who they would sleep with if they had to pick. Barney revealed that Eddie had picked Heather to marry and Lizzie Rovsek to sleep with.

According to a new Radar Online report, The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney seemed very upset with Lizzie, even though she should have worked this out with her husband. It almost seemed like Tamra saw Lizzie as a threat to her marriage. Tamra hinted that Lizzie had acted inappropriately at the party.

After telling Vicki Gunvalson about the game, Tamra Barney reveals that Lizzie brought up Eddie's answer when they were waiting for their limos to pull up. She claims that Rosvek "was being really rude and she goes, 'You're just being a b*tch because your husband wants to f**k me.'"

Oddly enough, Lizzie remembers the night very differently. She points out that Eddie said that he wanted to marry her. Shannon Beador remembers it just like Tamra, which does complicate the situation. Fans are not sure who to believe at this point, even though Shannon is questioning her own story. "The fact that Tamra's story is the opposite of Lizzie's? I'm leaning toward Lizzie's side," Beador told Bravo's cameras. "Tamra? She's not the most truthful person at all."

Tamra Barney could be very insecure, because she had plans of starting a family with Eddie Judge. During this season, she has been begging Judge to have a baby, but he doesn't seem interested one bit. In addition, it didn't take long for reports to surface, including this Inquisitr report, about their marriage being rocky.

Both Tamra and Eddie have denied having marital issues, but it seems like they have some issues they need to talk about. The conversation where Eddie revealed who he wanted to sleep with was not filmed for the show. Barney could just be bringing it up to gain traction with Vicki after the other women started turning on her.

What do you think Eddie answered? Do you think Tamra Barney is overreacting?

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