Mojang teases Minecraft ‘Adventure’ update with a trailer

Developer Mojang released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.8 Adventure update earlier today. If you’ve been trying to fend off your Minecraft addiction lately, you may want to avoid watching this video.

The Adventure update, due out sometime around September 8, adds an absolutely enormous amount of features and fixes to the game. One of the biggest changes are the addition of randomly generated NPC towns, new dungeon types, and the ability to level your character.

The leveling system adds a ‘roguelike’ leveling mechanic to the game, in that you lose all of your experience upon death. The update also adds support for a skill system, but skills aren’t included in the initial Adventure update.

To compliment the added focus on adventuring throughout your randomly generated world, Mojang has also greatly improved the combat system in the game, both with the sword and the bow – which was one of my chief complaints with the soon-to-be-old Minecraft.

The update will also add a new creative mode to the game, which is more or less the same version as the free, browser-based version available on the Minecraft website, but with an expanded inventory and the ability to fly and control the flow of time.

The Minecraft Adventure update is due out within the week. Check out the trailer below.