Thai Surrogate Mom Forgives Couple Who Abandoned Son With Down Syndrome

A Thai surrogate mom forgives a couple who paid her to carry twins and then abandoned one of the babies after it was born with Down Syndrome, and her surprising act of forgiveness is making headlines. This brave and forgiving woman is 21-year-old Pattaramon Janbua, who is already the mother to two small children. She will forever be known as the Thai surrogate mom who forgave the couple who abandoned a sick baby boy but took his twin sister.

The couple hasn’t been identified by name, but they reportedly paid a relatively small sum of approximately $10,900 USD to the woman in Thailand to carry their twin babies, reported MSN. They offered her less than half of that sum to keep their unwanted child. Unfortunately, Janbua has yet to receive the full payment that was promised to her.

Why Thailand? The couple was likely drawn to the impoverished country due to its lack of laws regulating the use of surrogate mothers. In Australia, the process is difficult and heavily regulated.

Four months into the surrogate pregnancy, the doctors, the couple, and the surrogacy agency were aware that one of the unborn children had Down Syndrome. This information was withheld from the Thai surrogate mom for three months.

When she was seven months pregnant, Janbua learned of the baby’s disability only when she was asked to abort the unborn child at his biological parents’ request. She refused on religious grounds.

Even though the Thai surrogate mom forgave the couple who abandoned their biological son, she warned other women against becoming surrogates themselves and referred to the 7-month-old boy as a “burden”:

“I want to warn those who are considering becoming a surrogate mother, don’t only think about the money. If the child is born with an unusual condition or if anything goes wrong, it will become a burden for you and society.”

As reported by The Inquisitr, the Thai surrogate mom plans to raise the baby along with her own biological three-year-old and six-year-old children. She named the boy Gammy. Unfortunately, little Gammy has a lung infection, congenital heart condition, and other problems. He will require expensive surgeries and extensive medical care just for a chance at survival.

Baby Gammy is currently being treated for a lung infection. He is in stable condition at a hospital outside of Bangkok. An online fundraising campaign has already raised $227,101 as of the afternoon of August 4, 2014. His surrogate mom said she will use the money for Gammy and hopes to buy him a house to live in, according to The Guardian.

It has to make headlines when a Thai surrogate mom forgives a couple who abandoned their own son, but will it make headlines if Gammy’s story has a happy ending?

[Image via Hope for Gammy Go Fund Me]