183 Wings in 12 Minutes? The Black Widow Sets New Eating Record [Video]

Sonya Thomas may only stand 5’5? and weigh 105 lbs, but she is one of the most feared competitors in the world of competitive eating. Thomas, also known as the black widow, just downed 183 wings in 12 minutes, setting a new competitive eating record.

Thomas was getting her wing on at the National Buffalo Wing Eating Contest where Joey Chestnut, the Major League Eating No. 1 competitor, was expected to win.

But Chestnut couldn’t keep up with the iron jaws of the Black Widow. Chestnut only managed to swallow a measly 174 wings at the contest, falling nearly a full order short of the Black Widow’s record.

According to the Post Chronicle, Sonya Thomas has set 38 competitive eating records and has won the Buffalo Wing Eating contest 6 times.

Here’s a video of the Black Widow in action.

The Daily Mail reports that Thomas ate close to 4.8 pounds of meat during the 12 minute contest where she beat her previous wing record by two wings.

Thomas also holds records for eating the most chicken tenders, jalapeno peppers, clams, soft tacos, hot dogs, crawfish, and oysters.

Thomas took home $1500 for winning first prize. Do you think that sort of prize money is worth the agony her stomach is probably going through right now?

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