Fantastic Four Wraps Up Filming?! This Selfie is All They Have to Show for It!

Fantastic Four Wraps Up – With A Casual Selfie of the Cast?

The Fantastic Four series reboot has officially wrapped up production! This news was confirmed by a selfie of the cast and tweet posted by actress Kate Mara.

Early Saturday morning, Kate Mara posted this message and picture on Twitter:

That’s a wrap on #FantasticFour! Thanks to my boys @Miles_Teller @michaelb4jordan @1jamiebell for the fun times…

As you can see, the full quartet of the Fantastic Four superhero team is featured in this casual selfie. Kate Mara (The Invisible Woman), Miles Teller (Mr. Fantastic), Jamie Bell (The Thing), and Michael B. Jordan (Human Torch) are all featured in this goofy picture filled with duck faces, big smiles, and goofy looks. The photo was taken outside of a casual Italian restaurant. A couple of hours before posting this picture, Kate Mara thanked Miles Teller for partying with her:

Why is this news awkward and little confusing?

With such a highly-anticipated Marvel reboot, the average fan and critic alike would expect to have seen a lot more media coverage about the Fantastic Four shoot before it officially wrapped. Leaked photos of the Fantastic Four set. A shot of the characters in costume. Perhaps even some concept art or an official movie poster put on display at the recent San Diego Comic-Con.

Think about all of the media coverage surrounding other superhero movies scheduled for release in 2015 — including Ant-Man and The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron.

There were even footage and official character photos from one of the most anticipated films of 2016 — Batman v Superman — leaked online over the past few months and put on display at the San Diego Comic-Con last month.

Clearly, that is not the approach that director Josh Trank took with this Fantastic Four shoot, which is confusing to quite a few fans and followers.

If #FantasticFour is done filming as some are reporting, why wasn’t it at SDCC? I’m no Reed Richards, but that just seems odd.

— Ed Torres (@ed_pool) August 2, 2014

The #Fantastic4 reboot just finished shooting. If it flops like the others will they try rebooting it again?

— BiggieSmalley (@BiggieSmalley) August 3, 2014

As stated above, the group selfie is the first picture of the complete cast leaked online – and it was done after the movie had already wrapped up filming. The cast was not even dressed in their costumes or at least located near the set when this picture was taken.

Think about all of the controversy and backlash the Fantastic Four movie and cast have received in recent months. A few official photos from the set, a panel interview at the San Diego Comic-Con, or even a set photo could have really helped to eliminate (or at least reduce) most of the negative press circulating in the media about this Fantastic Four reboot.

The only possible leak from the set currently online is an unconfirmed first look at the upper torso of The Thing:

It is apparently clear that Josh Trank, the entire cast, and crew members know a lot more than we do — and hopefully that is a good thing. Will the Fantastic Four series reboot be a massive hit or a massive flop when it is released next summer on June 19, 2015?

Only time will tell.

[Image Credit: Business Insider]