Michelle Bachmann Promises $2 Gas, Talks About Drilling “Responsibly” In Everglades

Promising $2 per gallon Gasoline seems like a smart political move there’s just one problem, getting to that point takes more than a promise and Michele Bachmann told Face The Nations Bob Scheiffer that she’ll make it happen, she just didn’t do a very good job of explaining in any certain terms how she’ll make $2 gas a reality.

Bachmann cited an “all-of-the-above energy strategy” to help lower gas prices, while blasting the Obama administration for foiling domestic energy production.

When asked if she would use price controls she told Scheiffer:

“I’m an unashamed apologist for the free market.”

Speaking about her previous statements regarding Everglades drilling she emphasized the word “responsibly” while adding:

“I didn’t say we should drill in the Everglades. What I said—because we know that thousands of Floridians receive their drinking water from the Everglades—what I said is that we need to open up resources across the United States of America, but do it responsibly, because we need to make sure that of course we need to make sure that we don’t do anything that has degradation for habitat or for drinking water or for air quality.”

Shouldn’t all drilling be done responsibly? To me that sounds like political back talk for “yes I want to drill everywhere, even your backyard so get over it.”

Bachmann failed to touch upon various energy policies that have been enacted under the Obama administration, including governmental subsidies to help fund wind, solar and natural gas farms to ease reliability on foreign energy products.

Do you think Michelle Bachmann can push gas prices down to $2 per gallon by drilling in the Everglades and other protected areas?