Moises Arias Flaunts Controversial Willow Smith Photo Following Investigation

Steph Bazzle

The investigation into the photo of Willow Smith and Moises Arias reclining on a bed together seems to be over at last, and many of the players in the saga are speaking out, either overtly or in a quiet show of scorn for the verbal attacks they've faced. Moises, who has remained largely quiet throughout the events, even reacted with a slightly snarky change of profile photo.

Of course, Moises had a lot to lose if the investigation, which Inquisitr reported on back in May, had gone sour. He was 20 at the time, and Willow was only 13. In the photo, the two are reclining together on a bed, and Moises is shirtless.

When we reported on the matter in May, there was word that Child Protective Services wanted to speak with Moises to discuss his role in the photo, despite having spoken to Jada, Will, and Willow multiple times.

Considering Arias was an adult in the photo, and Willow barely a teenager, it's no real surprise that even as Jada Pinkett-Smith spoke out, calling those who questioned the photo "covert pedophiles" and saying there was nothing wrong with it, as TMZ reported at the time, Arias elected to keep to himself, even briefly locking down his Instagram account, though he quickly re-opened it.

With the investigation now apparently closed, Hollywood Take reported this week that Pinkett-Smith has reiterated that stance, saying again that people were taking something that wasn't dirty, and trying to make it polluted.

While Moises Arias hasn't spoken out explicitly about the investigation or the photo, he has responded through one particular action: the photo in question is now his Twitter profile picture.

On May 30, while the controversy was still in full swing, Arias' profile photo was one of Moises seemingly performing some type of flip or acrobatic jump in front of two trees.

Moises Arias, Willow Smith, Smug Response?

His profile photos remained innocuous throughout, and were usually photos of Moises by himself.

Now that the investigation is done, though, Arias has changed his profile photo to another shirtless one. Presumably from the same photo session, it's virtually identical to the one that created the controversy to begin with, differing only in a slight change of pose. Arias offers no comment on the photo, leaving fans to wonder exactly what statement the star is making. Is it a flip of the finger to those who accused him of wrongdoing, or just a quiet affirmation that the photo is nothing to be ashamed of?

Is Moises Arias giving us all the proverbial finger?

Whatever Moises Arias is trying to say by making another potentially controversial photo his primary representation on the social media site, it's all he's said publicly on the matter.

[Photos: Twitter]