May 3, 2017
Evelyn Lozada Responds To Ex-Fiance Antoine Walker, Denies She's A Gold-Digger

Evelyn Lozada wants the world to know that she's no gold-digger.

The Basketball Wives star was called out by former fiance Antoine Walker this week, with the former NBA star saying his woman was by his side through rich times but hit the road once he ran into some financial trouble.

During a radio appearance, Walker claimed that Evelyn Lozada left him not long after the 2008 recession dried up his fortune.

"My thing with Evelyn is she reaped a lot of benefits of my wealth. And when it got tight, she chose to go a different direction. So that's the problem that I have with Evelyn," he said.

Walker went on to say that he dated Evelyn for 19 years, and during that time "she got to reap the full benefits of the whole process." But once he lost his $100 million fortune Evelyn left without even a care for his well-being, Walker claimed.

"That's why I have a problem with Evelyn," he said. "It's more personal. It's tough when you take care of some people and you make sure that they're good, their family, their daughters and then they just go left field."

Evelyn Lozada didn't take the allegations lying down. She took to Twitter to clarify that she left him while he was still in the NBA and still quite rich, and that he was way off about the reason their relationship ended.

She wrote:

"Funny how he didn't even know when we got engaged! It was in 2006 not 2007 & he got left because he was cheating!"

Evelyn Lozada has done pretty well for herself since leaving Walker. After a brief marriage to Chad Johnson, she got engaged to Los Angeles Dodgers star outfielder Carl Crawford. In March the couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Carl Leo.

But even this bright moment Evelyn Lozada found herself facing allegations of being a gold-digger. When media personality Wendy Williams gave Lozada a congratulatory shout out, she referred to the newborn as a "cash register."