August 1, 2014
Russia 'Sissy Bombs' Obama On Twitter

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin "sissy bombed" President Barack Obama with Vladimir Putin "manly" photos on Twitter. The Russian leader posted photos which appear to challenge the manliness of President Obama.

Vladimir Putin is shown in traditional manly-man poses and settings in each image, which include a caption created by Dmitry Rogozin. One Obama sissy bombs photo posted to the Russian leader's Twitter paged show Puttin holding a leopard and Obama holding a small fluffy dog. The caption on the side-by-side image of Putin and Obama reads, "We have different values and allies."

Macho Putin photos are commonplace on Rogozin's Twitter feed. The latest round of images come after the Obama administration issued a new set of sanctions against Russia. The United States joined the European Union in the attempt to use fiscal sanctions to thwart Putin's activities in the Ukraine.

This afternoon President Obama held a press conference to announce that he and Putin had engaged in phone conversation about the situation in Ukraine. According to a White House statement issued before Obama's press conference, the president "reinforced his preference for a diplomatic solution to the crisis in Ukraine, and the two leaders agreed to keep open their channels of communication." President Obama also reportedly "reiterated his deep concerns" about Russian support for separatists in Ukraine during the phone call with Vladimir Putin.

Dmitry Rogozin's Twitter feed clearly illustrates the Russian leader's willingness to say what he thinks in spite of possible backlash from those who feel Putin should not have invaded the Ukraine. One of the tweets by the Russian official notes a meeting with China about working together on future projects.

[Image Via: Twitter]