Tough Woman Shoots Her Carjacker And Ultimately Breaks Up Crime Ring [Video]

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Sep. 8 2017, Updated 6:24 a.m. ET

A nurse in Milwaukee, Victoria Davison, took matters into her own hands and shot an attempted carjacker as she was being attacked, according to The Daily Caller. And as a result, it seems as though she may have helped the police break up a criminal ring involved in a string of robberies and carjackings in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, one of which included a shooting.

WISN 12 News has learned that the crimes were likely committed by teenagers.

Victoria Jackson tells WISN 12 the details about her attack by two teenagers, one 15-year old and one 17-year old, stating, “One grabbed me from the back and another grabbed me from the front.”

One of the teens yelled, “I want the keys, cars, everything!”

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As Victoria Davison hesitated to do as she was commanded, one teen shouted to the other, “Go get the cannon” — a reference to his gun.

That was all Davison needed to hear. Because she has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, Davison had a firearm in a pouch in her car. As the two teens struggled to throw Davison to the ground, she was able to grab her gun out of its pouch and shoot the 15-year-old in front of her.

Meanwhile, the one who had grabbed her from behind decided to let go when saw his friend lying on the ground bleeding. He then cursed and ran off, as reported by The Daily Caller.

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Just a few days after this incident, the 17-year-old, identified as John Marshall Davis, was back at it again with a group of teenagers. According to the Journal-Sentinel, they “used an “AK-47 style BB gun” to steal a man’s SUV. Davis and the other teens took the vehicle for a joy ride, leading police on a high-speed chase” which ended in a crash.

Police arrested 11 people in total, including Davis, who is charged with armed robbery and theft for that incident.

Upon further investigation, police have discovered that the 15-year-old was also involved in a carjacking and robbery attempt one day prior to attacking Victoria Davis. The Journal-Sentinel reports that 43-year-old “Claudiare Motley was looking forward to a weekend visiting family in Milwaukee and attending his high school reunion.”

All that changed when the 15-year-old and his criminal buddies decided to rob and carjack Motley. As the 15-year-old approached Motley at his driver’s window and pointed a gun at him, Motley slammed down on the accelerator, but not before the 15-year-old could pull the trigger and shoot Motley in the face. Motley tells the Journal-Sentinel that he was miraculously able to steer with one hand, while holding his shattered, bleeding jaw with the other and drive himself to the nearest hospital.

Once Motley found his way into the emergency room, he immediately collapsed. Motley needed immediate surgery.

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WISN 12 reports that police believe the teens are tied to dozens of carjackings and robberies. The police also found and published Facebook pictures the 15-year-old had posted of himself holding up a handgun as well as a large wad of cash.

Prosecutors told Victoria Davis that they plan to charge the teen as a juvenile, but she is fighting for him to be tried as an adult. Davis tells WISN 12:

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“I mean, he’s 15, but he’s making adult decisions. One robbery? Maybe he should be charged as a juvenile because he needs to learn a lesson. But several? Even after he shot somebody in the face. Then you are still committing robberies, and that was when he tried to rob me.”

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Currently, the 15-year-old is paralyzed and in serious condition in the hospital and has not yet been charged.

[Photo Credit: The Daily Caller and WISN]


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