T.I. Takes Luxury Bus Straight Back to Prison

Rapper T.I. was released from federal custody Thursday… but ended up back in jail less than a day later in Atlanta.

Upon his release, the star had tweeted:

“The storm is over & da sun back out. IT’S OUR TIME TO SHINE SHAWTY!!!!! Welcome to the beginning of our Happy Ending!!!!”

Alas, the “happy ending” was not to be. The Federal Bureau of Prisons wouldn’t comment directly on why T.I. was whisked back to prison instead of the halfway house where he was scheduled to stay. Oddly, the method of transport used by T.I.- namely, a luxury tour bus- is thought to be the issue that rankled parole officials. Steve Sadow, the rapper’s lawyer, made a statement to press after T.I. was returned to custody:

“We are awaiting the opportunity to quickly resolve whatever the issue may be that the Federal Bureau of Prisons has with T.I.’s method of transportation — bus — from Arkansas to Atlanta, so that T.I. can return to the halfway house to complete the remaining days of his sentence.”

According to Sadow, the issue may be that prison officials believed T.I. would be traveling by van, not bus. But Sadow points out that the rapper boarded the vehicle in full view of prison officials, with no intent of deceiving them or hiding his mode of transport. A year ago today, T.I. and wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottie were arrested in Los Angeles on charges of possession of a controlled substance.

In October, the rapper was sentenced to 11 months in prison. While incarcerated, he inked a deal with VH1 to chronicle his post-prison experiences as a free man. It is unclear whether authorities plan to release T.I. or if the issue will be resolved.