‘RHOC’ Star Tamra Barney Judge Buzz: Was The ‘Real Housewives’ Star Fired?

Things have been awfully rocky for The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney Judge lately. The RHOC star went on a bit of a tirade on social media criticizing the show earlier this week, and now there are rumors she has been fired. However, some sources are telling Rumor Fix that the show is trying to woo her back and the star herself seems to be making a bit of an attempt to straighten things out. What’s the latest scoop?

According to Radar Online, Tamra Barney Judge is leaving The Real Housewives of Orange County. Their sources say that after her big tirade this past week she has deleted her Facebook page and has headed to Mexico to run away from it all. Other reports by Radar claim that those with RHOC have had it with Tamra’s “over the top ego and diva behavior,” and that she “sealed her fate by publicly stating that Bravo edited scenes to make her look bad.” Supposedly the network has chosen not to pick up her contract for the next season of the show.

That said, sources for Rumor Fix are hearing differently regarding Tamra’s future with the Bravo staple. Their sources say that the show definitely wants Tamra to return to RHOC. Those with the site have been told, “Tamra has not been fired. She is being begged back for next season.” In addition, they say that the “rumor she is fired is a lie.” Neither the show or Tamra have commented on the latest rumors regarding her future with the show.

As for the speculation that Tamra deleted her Facebook and ran out of the country to get away from it all, she has still been tweeting and has tried to set the record straight. The RHOC star said that she just disabled her Facebook page while she is on vacation since she gets so many nasty comments. She plans to reactivate the page when she gets back home again, supposedly. She has been answering a lot of fan’s questions via Twitter, and is often including Bravo and Andy Cohen, so it would seem that the big departure rumors may be off-track at this point.

It is not unusual for the casting of upcoming seasons to go through a lot of flux and speculation, and neither the network or Cohen get into specifics until a new season is set to debut. There have been many cases where it looked like someone was on their way out, and they stuck around, or a cast member came back after a break. Will Tamra Barney Judge really bail on The Housewives of Orange County? Some fans would love to see her leave while others think the show would be boring without her.

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