Newly Released Video Footage Reveals Hamas Rockets Fired From Residential Areas Into Israel

Brand new footage released today by the Israeli Defense Force, shows clear evidence that Hamas, the terrorist organization which control Gaza, purposely fires rockets into Israel from within residential areas, including from schools and even graveyards.

The Hamas war, which entered it’s 24th day today, was started when terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired barrages of rockets towards Israel with the express intention of wounding and killing as many Israeli civilians as possible.

In response to over 2,000 short, mid- and long-range rockets sent over from Gaza, the Israeli government put into action its revolutionary Iron Dome system which was able to neutralize approximately 90 percent of the Hamas rockets fired which could have hit built up areas.

Nevertheless, every time a rocket was fired from Gaza, Israeli’s found themselves scrambling for nearby shelters to avoid the dangerous rockets as well as the debris that falls from them when are hit by an Iron Dome missile.

But the Israeli army has been forced into an almost impossible situation.

Due to the fact that the rockets are often fired from densely populated areas, including schools and Mosques, the army ends up killing innocent civilians who are placed near the rocket launchers by Hamas in order to see maximum casualties on their side and garner world sympathy.

Indeed, the tiny Jewish state has been told, basically by the world, to “stop protecting yourselves so well” and “stop killing Palestinian human shields.”

As a result of the rockets and ground incursion that Israel made into Gaza recently, numerous terrorist attack tunnels were found, which were intended to be used to kidnap Israeli civilians en-masse to provide bargaining tools for the release of Hamas and other terrorists from Israeli jails.

The Israeli army has released numerous videos proving that Palestinian civilians are being used as human shields and that puts Israel in a very sticky predicament.

Here are three videos showing rockets launched from the Gaza Strip:

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