Rick Ross Begs People Not To Bring Guns to Wingstop

Rapper Rick Ross has been going beyond the music industry and expanding his business ventures, buying up lots of Wingstop locations across the country. Ross is encouraging people to visit his restaurants, but under one condition: don’t bring a gun.

Rick Ross spoke with The Huffington Post about his Wingstop locations and his opinions on the right of Americans to bare arms. Rick Ross’ real name is William Leonard Roberts II, and in his 38 years of experience he’s accumulated a lot of thoughts about how America should be run.

“The art, the music, the clothes we wear, the things we drive, the things we discuss is all a part of a lifestyle,” said Ross. “I feel what we drink, what we eat, all falls in that category… I’ve been loving Wingstop for well over five or six years now, I believe. If it’s something that you love, something that you love being a part of, something you love representing, you know, it’s limitless.”

Ross at Wingstop.

Ross shows off that love for Wingstop by encouraging people to visit any of his Wingstop locations, as long as they don’t bring a firearm into the building. While he supports the second amendment, Rick Ross doesn’t believe patrons of Wingstop should bring the gun inside. This comment most likely came from an incident Ross had in March of 2013. A gunman shot at Rick Ross’ Rolls Royce on a Florida street. Ross had a gun on him as well, but managed to escape the scene without a gunfight.

“I support the right to bear arms, I do,” Rick told the Huffington Post. “I’m a licensed carrier. When I go into public places, when I go out and I enter certain places, I believe it’s best to leave your firearm in your vehicle. Go in and enjoy your meal.”

Since making it big as a rapper, Rick Ross has purchased 25 Wingstop franchises. According to Radio.com, most of those locations reside in Texas and other southern states. It’s in places like this where second amendment rights are most celebrated and most protected. So Rick’s opinion on leaving guns behind might cause some contention, especially among members and supporters of the National Rifle Association.

Rick Ross also had some controversial opinions on minimum wage. Ross personally believes it should be substantially raised, but claims he doesn’t have much control over the wages at his own Wingstop locations.

“When it comes to minimum wage, you’re only really talking about a certain class,” Rick Ross said. “It’s only really a certain demographic and that’s who really needs it the most. Most definitely, help is needed in those areas.”

Rick Ross also recently made the news for his defense of fellow rapper Meek Mill, who seems to be stuck in jail for violating his probation.

What do you think about Rick Ross’ plea to leave the guns behind?

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