Harrison Ford Is Off Crutches – But Can He Fire A Blaster Any Time Soon?

This picture was tweeted yesterday by Paul Bateman, and Star Wars fans across the land rejoiced!

As reported by The Inquisitr, Harrison Ford hurt himself while filming Star Wars Episode VII in England last month. The reports released at the time stated that the “door of a spacecraft” fell on his ankle, causing the injury and leading many to wonder if the Millenium Falcon had just taken out Han Solo.

What was initially thought to be just a sprained ankle soon turned into rumors of a broken ankle for Harrison Ford. Reports of X-rays taken of the 72 year-old star’s chest worried fans as doctors and publicists tried to calm fears by insisting the X-rays were only precautionary.

Next, Harrison Ford’s publicist, Ina Treciokas, announced that it wasn’t a broken ankle at all, but rather a broken leg, according to Entertainment Weekly. Teciokas also said that Ford would undergo surgery to repair the injury.

Fans got the all clear a few days later on June 19th when Harrison’s publicist announced a successful operation.

“Harrison Ford’s left leg was broken in an accident. His surgery was successful and he will begin rehab shortly. He’s doing well and is looking forward to returning to work.”

Comforted by the fact that Harrison Ford was okay, the new worry was about Star Wars Episode VII. If Ford had to sit out the production for a few months, would the film’s release be pushed back? (Such a delay might have suited director JJ Abrams just fine, as he’s been fighting for a May 2016 release date instead of the Christmas, 2015 release planned by Disney and Lucasfilm – according to Cinema Blend – but that’s neither here nor there.)

JJ Abrams and producers quickly reorganized Star Wars Episode VII’s shooting schedule around Harrison Ford’s absence. Though it’s probably a safe bet that Han Solo doesn’t play what might be called a major role in the seventh episode of the legendary space saga, you can also bet that Harrison Ford gets a fair amount of screen time.

Worries were p-shawed by Abrams, Disney and Lucasfilm alike, but no specifics were given. The estimations of two to three months of rehab for Ford at least gave the director and producers alike an estimation of time constraints, but Abrams is already feeling the heat to finish the film in time for the December, 2015 release.

Seeing Harrison up and moving about without his crutches is a good sign. Hopefully, as Han Solo, Harrison Ford will be brandishing a blaster again soon!

Picture via Paul Bateman Twitter @PaulRMQ