TNA News: Big Update On TNA’s Future, Memo To Talent Saying TNA’s Not Cancelled?

TNA Wrestling has taken the wrestling world by storm with the latest news about Spike TV canceling the company that has been a part of Spike programming for 9 years. Disregarding their brief stint on Fox Sports for about a year, they didn’t hit the mark intended to until Spike brought TNA in on October 1, 2005. Ever since that contract signing Jeff Jarrett brought the only competition to Vince McMahon’s monopolized wrestling company.

All Jarrett tried to do was compete and he did so successfully. However, Jarrett’s departure in December affected the company, with heads such as Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff leaving those two months prior to Jarrett. The disintegration continued with veterans leaving like Christopher Daniels, Frank Kazarian, AJ Styles and Sting.

Jeff Jarrett

Four men that helped shape TNA suddenly left and the only thing Dixie Carter could do was develop the young talent without minds like Bischoff or Jarrett to aid her. Needless to say, the canceling of TNA was inevitable to some.

Upon the update provided by The Inquisitr this morning on how much a TNA library would cost WWE, new information has been leaked by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that would suggest TNA is not getting cancelled.

“TNA officials have reportedly told the talent that the rumors that Spike TV canceled Impact are not true. TNA’s acting the same now as when the sale rumors began last year. They emailed the wrestlers to tell them not to worry about the rumors. They are expecting good news and will update the roster when they know more.”

The report goes on to say that while TNA was losing around $45 million three years ago, the number has slowed down, but Impact Wrestling is still losing money.

It is an interesting business decision by Carter and the ownership team to tell the talent they aren’t being sold. If it is the truth, then they should have the option to look elsewhere for work. In fact, Dave Lagana, former-WWE writer and current-TNA official, is now looking for work at Ring of Honor, amid the canceling news.

Don’t take this situation as a potential buy for Vince McMahon and the WWE, because TNA just isn’t as profitable as it once was. TNA fans can point at the acquisition of Hulk Hogan as the turning point for failure, but his name brand alone kept TNA afloat for those years.

Of course, his consistent six appearances a night hurt the company, but Spike saw the name, “Hulk Hogan” and realized how popular he is. That brought in money for the company, without having him wrestle. There had to have been speculation on failing when their best tag-team and biggest name left the company. By those names, I mean Daniels/Kazarian and Sting. That’s all a prediction, but logic does fit.

AJ Styles

To make matters worse for TNA officials, AJ Styles already said he makes more money on the Indy scene in seven months, than he would in TNA for an entire year.

That figure should give the entire roster with an extended future in professional wrestling an outlook as to what the Indy scene offers. Then again, not many are as good as Styles; the option is still there in spades. We will continue to keep you updated on the situation as it transpires.

At the moment, TNA is telling their talent the company isn’t being cancelled by Spike. The truth will come out eventually and Carter may be the one doing it.

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