‘Stuffers’ Eat Compulsively Because Being Fat Makes Them Feel Sexy

While many woman in the world spend most of their time trying to control what they eat and lose weight there are those who eat compulsively with the specific intention of packing on the pounds, and gaining weight.

As a counterculture of “stuffers,” or “gainers” as they are called, take to social media to share pics of their impressive weight gain. It might be rare, but there are women out there who started out with a slim frame, but do what they can to get fat — because it makes them feel sexy!

One stuffer, referred to as Crystal, revealed on a her blog: “I’ve wanted to be fat since I was a little girl. It wasn’t until earlier this year that I had the ability to do so. So I did. And here I am.”

Crystal started out a petite 157 pounds in body weight, but within just one year managed to pack on an astounding 118 pounds, eating as much fatty food as she possibly could, while supplementing her diet with heavy cream and milkshakes.

“I keep nonperishable food by my bed and make sure that every time I wake up in the night, I eat something. And I drink anywhere from a quart to multiple quarts a day of heavy cream. Luckily, I am able to handle it,” wrote Crystal.

But Crystal isn’t alone, as you will discover if you search the word “stuffers” online.

While some stuffers maintain something close to their normal weight, preferring just to fill themselves until they look pregnant, others, usually called “gainers,” really want to put on a massive amount of weight.

“I gained in my belly first,” says Crystal. “And while each part of my body is bigger and softer, my belly, breasts and face are the super stars of my gain.”

While the condition isn’t officially recognized by name in the medical world, it is related, at least in some way, to phagomania, the compulsive desire to eat. But Dr. Terese Katz, a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders, said there isn’t much of a clinical precedent for it.

“In my 26 years of working with people with eating disorders, I’ve never seen anything like this. Extra fat can serve as a buffer for emotions you don’t want to feel, but I have never met a person who consciously gains weight or identifies positively with that.”

Some stuffers maintain that, rather than being a physiological condition, it has more to do with a deep sexual fetish than anything else. A 20-year-old stuffer called Jenny wrote on reddit, “It is definitely a sexual choice. I am more comfortable in my chubbier body.”

Whichever way you look at it, the phenomenon of “stuffing” is a real one, and one that is gaining increasing popularity, if social media is anything to go by. The question being asked though is what health implications does it have, and is it likely to lead to death at a young age?